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Songs for the Inheritance Cycle I


❧ A selection of epic instrumental pieces reciting some of the most important events that took place in Alagaësia before the starting point of Paolini's tetralogy.

(Including music by Audiomachine, Bear McCreary, and Brand X Music).

21 tracks
5 comments on Songs for the Inheritance Cycle I

You put a lot of effort into picking these pieces. I've been paying attention to the annotations, and you did a fantastic job of choosing songs that are representative of each person and event. I am thoroughly impressed, and fully enjoying this playlist! Very well done indeed.

Ooooh my god, thank you so much! I do spend a lot of time trying to find a fitting piece for each character/event/location, so I'm really pleased when my choices do the trick after all. Thank you for your lovely comment! :)