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The Union of Maedhros


"In those days Maedhros son of Fëanor lifted up his heart, perceiving that Morgoth was not unassailable; for the deeds of Beren and Luthien were sung in many songs throughout Beleriand. Yet Morgoth would destroy them all, one by one, if they could not again unite, and make new league and common council; and he began those counsels for the raising of the fortunes of the Eldar that are called the Union of Maedhros." ― The Silmarillion

❦ An epic instrumental fanmix for the alliance of Elves, Men and Dwarves in the twilight of the First Age; for their preparations and gathering of arms, and for their victories in West Beleriand and Dorthonion, leading to their last stand during Nirnaeth Arnoediad.

(art credit: "Battle of Sudden Flame", by Alan Lee.)

12 tracks