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I hope you like the stars I stole for you

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Hey guys any of you that follow @daughteroftheforce this is her. I have two accounts and I forgot the user and password for this one so I will be making another. I have the exact same playlist listed as a Loki fanmix and I can recreate it as a sleep playlist for any of you that still want it. Really sorry about this btw. I appreciate all your love and support and I will try to make some more instrumental playlists for you guys too. Thanks soooo much, Lauren (@daughteroftheforce and @bookgeek-lauren )

Could someone post a list of the pieces used in this playlist? I used to listen to it quite a lot. Now that 8tracks can no longer be used outside of the US and canada I can't access it :(

@n33l3 I will do my best to get you a list in the next few days so you can still listen. Thanks so much for listening to my playlist!