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my best friend is you


When Bucky got the acceptance letter to NYU, he knew things were starting to look up. He was majoring in English Lit, and, with any luck, he’d fall in love with a book nerd who had an affinity for indie music and B rate horror films.

When Bucky got his rooming information, he was only given a name: Steve Rogers. He spent most of the summer wondering what Steve was like.

When he met Steve that first day, Bucky wanted to crawl right back into his sister's car. Steve had the whole wholesome, all-American thing going on that Bucky avoided on principle. But when Steve opened his mouth to introduce himself officially, Bucky knew he was a goner.

Steve, despite his athletic build and the ever growing stack of bids from fraternities he hadn't even rushed, was the biggest dork Bucky’d ever met.

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