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Favorite Ships


Karkat, Dave, Eridan, Rose, Kanaya, that's pretty much it...

  • Hey There Harley by Broadway Karkat
  • 【Broadway Karkat】Strider Be Mine [Vinniemix] — Lyrics by Maka Alburn
  • Love Me Drowned by ♋EriKar♒
  • Karkalicious by LaurenR
  • Sexy Kan I (Broadway Rose And Kanaya) by emoxrainbows
  • GFDI Dave by Karkat
  • Won't Say I'm Flushed (Broadway Karkat) by musicweeb
  • Leave (GTFO) by Broadway Karkat
  • [tindeck.com] by [Tindeck.Com]
  • [tindeck.com] Thirteen Years (One World Closer) by emoxrainbows
  • Ave Mary Am By ♋Broadway Karkat♋ by ✎_国國国♌Sonido☁
  • ♋[Love Is Blind Terezi]♎ by ✎_国國国♌Sonido☁
  • ♌Karkat♥Nepeta♋ by Vanilla Twilight
  • Matespritship by ♋Broadway karkat♋ ️️
  • Broadway Karkat Martyr Complex by wwhatevva_you
  • You Can't Fight the Homestuck by Kylee Henke
  • Safe and Sound by Broadway Aradia.
  • Off-Broadway Aradia by off-broadway aradia
  • ♋Broadway Karkat♋ by Somebody To Love
  • Eridan's United States Of Wwhatevver by Eridan
20 tracks
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