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@TEEP HAS SPUN ON http://interdimensionaltransmissions.com/news/2012-11-27/crush-collision-celebrates-25-years (circa 98-99) AND I tried as well as to dj on the channel but was denied cause my mix was to weird and club like. I have the tape somewhere. I was a resident of A2 from 97-13. Sorry I missed you!

@Btrxz dope article. Thanks for that, there's a lot of history at the station. BMG and Carlos s. are the homies, definitely laid the foundation. Crush Collision is in competent hands now though I may step in to handle it at some point. Yeah you gotta "follow the rules" for your demo tape but once that's approved it's anything goes. Didn't know @Teep was ever at the station, mad respect