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Celtic Dream

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A few celtic tracks... they are really hard to find!
Twelve tracks including music by BEN LUNN Composer., Chris Doris, and Dolphin Studio.

  • Paddy's Leather Breeches by The March Of The King Of Laois
  • Maeve's Aria (2013) by BEN LUNN Composer.
  • Natalie MacMaster's "Strathspey and Three Reels" by SymphonyNovaScotia
  • Agara Braes: Paddy's Leather Breeches by Matthias Steidl
  • chitown by Maeve's in the hospital at Children's memorial hospital
  • Jonny's Flush/The Boiling Hen by The McDades
  • F Medley by Natalie MacMaster
  • Itchy Fingers, Train Journey North, Paddy's Leather Breeches by Dolphin Studio
  • Chanter's Tune (steady) by blue eyed sailor
  • Kristan Harvey & Harris Playfair by Wizard's Walk
  • Paddy's Leather Br by Pipingpicker
  • Waves Of Rush by Fishclaw
  • Wizard's Walk by Chris Doris
13 tracks
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