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Guardians of the Goddess (and FRIENDS!)


The Guardians of the Goddess were a small group of women from varying backgrounds that were born as the next incarnations of fallen goddesses. Able to access the abilities the Guardians were sent of missions to keep peace by a skeleton queen. As a new, larger threat arose, some Guardians were lost in some way or another. In order to stand a chance against the Black Cloaks, the four remaining make some new friends.

The thing is, most of the Guardians are teenage girls, and their new friends are around the same age. Four Guardians, a chosen one, his friend, a pirate, a lost girl, the candyman, and a few escaped felons. The world's most powerful group of people fighting for justice and peace are just a bunch of teenagers.

Black Cloaks mix:

ADDED TRACKS 8/9/16~1/11/17

15 tracks
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