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My words are falling apart


Twyla is a character VERY near and dear to my heart. To me Twyla is a very interesting character for Monster High to have. She's a young voice of reason in some ways, pretty much coded to at least have anxiety issues, and more recently an officially licensed book she's apparently pretty gay with Isi Dawndancer. Not to mention that this lil' boogeyman is a fan favorite with MH fans young and old. Perhaps most everyone is able to relate with her in some way. I know I do to an unreal level. Because of that I've included her to be a part of this collection, even if her mix is a bit more melancholy than the rest.

Also because I keep mentioning it in these descriptions, Nefera's is next and I'll be making Catty's the last of the 13 now (Twyla is #6)

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