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The Black Cloaked Assassins


The Black Cloaked Assassins are just that, assassins garnished in black hooded black cloaks housed by the Queen of the West. They were all granted with the ability to have a magical element flow throughout them as well a signature weapon they can summon. The Guardians are their main targets to take out, or at least capture for a beheading. After all, the Guardians are stopping the kingdom from expanding to get resources that will benefit the people?

It's not like the Black Cloaks really care about that. They're all there for their own reasons: power, treasure, safety, love, and just for the fun of it. All of that is easy as soon as they join, so why not, right? It's not like the fine print has anything bad in there.

Gaurdians mix:

ADDED TRACKS 8/9/16~1/11/17

15 tracks
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