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the dark artist


"Hayato's daughter who was raised in the Deeprealms. She thinks of her father as childish. She has an earnest personality that is also heavily prejudiced. She stalks those she thinks are a fitting partner and practices questionable spells daily. Has the darkest thoughts out of anyone in the army."


Rhajat, otherwise known as Tharja without the child abuse! Not to mention, thanks to Felicia, my first Rhajat had pastel pink hair, and that alone made me somewhat prefer Rhajat to Tharja. She may still be a creepy stalker but at least in Fates she doesn't have Noire to abuse and has cute pink hair! I tried to give this a much creepier vibe than my Tharja mix because her My Room lines really turn her up a notch on the creep level.

8 tracks
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