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the pega-pony princess


"An enigmatic pegasus knight who yearns to be a hero. A veritable force of nature when it comes to enthusiasm. She longs to be a hero (the epic kind) but, like her mother, slips up more often than not."

13 songs for Fire Emblem 13 (aka Awakening)


As soon as I was getting close to finishing the six returning to Fates characters Cynthia was one of the first ones I thought of when wondering if I'd make any more of these. She's just such a darling! She was also a great rescue/recover/fortify staffer for my first attempt and success at Apotheosis' secret path. She was a true hero. Oh, and I poorly shopped her hair to be blue here because "pega-pony princess" is only a thing if she's Chrom's daughter. ...Alright then, I guess this'll use my lunatic file's pairings.

13 tracks
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