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the... "something else"


"An enigmatic swordsman who tends toward theatrics. His elaborate theatrics suggest a need to stand out, as do the absurd names he bestows upon his weapons and his 'special moves.'"

13 songs for Fire Emblem 13 (aka Awakening)


Owain's mix is the 3rd in my Fire Emblem: Awakening series. With his mix complete that means him and the other two second gen characters in Fates, Inigo ("the best husband") and Severa ("the ultimate tsundere"), all have mixes. If I make more it might be for Cordelia, Gaius, and Tharja because they're the returning first gen characters.

But for real, I had to try and explain Owain to a friend recently and couldn't find the words outside of "he's something else". I hope the songs on here capture his attitude.

13 tracks
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