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This is God's Country


Music for the days when you believe in God, the Devil, and dark banjo licks. Stomp your feet, clap your hands, and string your fiddle, because it’s time to down that whiskey and sing your song. This may be God’s country, but there are demons living here. The South is full of blood, blues, and belles, and there ain’t a soul alive that can remember otherwise.

29 tracks
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Every part of this is amazing. It's incredibly atmospheric; I couldn't wish for a better Southern Gothic fanmix!

THIS PLAYLIST IS AMAZING all the eerie and pious and damned and haunted aspects of the Southern Gothic genre. Definitely smell the old whiskey and the Bible pages and feel the judgemental stares of small-town residents with their shotguns and crucifixes in hand.

My sister laughed when I put this mix on, but halfway through the first song she was dancing like she was possessed by the devil.