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These are all the songs that I could find from the many albums of Kuroko character songs! Enjoy! (They're not in order sorry!)

Update: Many of the songs I have put on this playlist have been removed, and I am working to fix this issue. Thank you for understanding...

  • Breaking through!! feat. Kuroko Tetsuya & Aomine Daiki by Fatima Daiki
  • (Himuro+heachan)ZEROGAME by Kyra_Idola
  • Song: Netsu no Kakera by Rhyl Aldwyn Walog Distal
  • Midorima&Takao by To Aru Shinja no Kakan na Mainichi
  • 【ブルウ】Hikari To Kage No Kyori 【歌ってみた】ft. Aomine Daiki (Junichi Suwabe)'s vocals by kaitsunce13
  • Eikou Made No Run & Gun by Yuuki Ono
  • Midorima Shintaro Kuroko Tetsuya by Kooto No Ue De Kore Kara Mo
  • Let Me Burn (Aomine Daiki Ft. Kise Ryouta) by Dcfangirl1
  • Here We Go!! (Hyuga Junpei And Kyoshi Teppei) by Dcfangirl1
  • 漢! 裸武奏帝 by 神谷浩史 + 小野大輔
  • SHOUT!!! Kagami Taiga Feat. Kaokay by Kaokay
  • glory blue by kachimatsu
  • Ray Of Shine by shino_alice
  • Perfect Copy_Ryota Kise by SoyoYotsuka
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