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Ain't No Heaven for the Wicked


Inspired by the game Borderlands, this is a mix for running loose with a revolver in the desert. Eight tracks including music by Cage The Elephant, Clutch and DJ Champion.

8 tracks
4 comments on Ain't No Heaven for the Wicked

hahaha maybe i did come across your tumblr page once before!..and now i'm hooked on it :p i definitely saw the art from "spanking the basement killer" mix somewhere before, maybe it was on your page.

hm, i dunno, usually i only write on hungarian sites, so i would guess that i'm not mentioned on the english speaking part of the internet (:
you could've seen my tumblr page tho'
but only naked girls and tentacles are over there [:
(yup, pretty nsfw!)

So good. So glad I came across this. I've also been lookin at your blog.. I've definitely seen your avatar and stuff around on other sites before.. can't think of where though.