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Fight Music

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Not the Gladiator/epic-type of fight music you might expect based from the picture, but we can all be soldiers battling against a more figurative battle. Take sleepiness as an example. Studying right now and I'm enjoying this playlist, thanks, DeadMau5tep!

Maybe it's fight music, then it changes because you won and now need to chill. I can think slow-mo fight with some of this, but still need some intensity even at the lower bpm to really inspire the massacre.

I see where you're coming from. However, I disagree. Fight music, workout music, etc. isn't all about a loud and fast beat. It's about enveloping you in music that you could simply see yourself kicking ass to. In my opinion you don't need massive amounts of bass to manifest inspiration. Think of some of these songs as the final slow motion knockout. It doesn't go well with fast paced beats. Instead, its much more fittingly played alongside a slower, equally epic, song.

Yeah that's totally fair, I just had a different image in my head of 'fight'. Like angry battles. Some of the songs really match that, others are more like you said.