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Ultimate Electro

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Deadmau5step Thank You very very much for telling me the right song name. I love this song and am listening to it right now. I listen to all your mixes and of course I follow you. My favoite mix is the one u did with video game songs. Thanks again and keep those good mixes coming :D

Hey what song is that one track you uploaded? Its tittled
Dada Life & Kaskade - Love but I looked it up and n
They never made a song called love together. So you must have the artist wrong. WHO MADE THAT SOOOOONG? I MUST KNOW. If anyone knows email me at thank you everyone.

We played this playlist 4 times in a row at our house party the other night! Everybody ended up with bruised feet the next day from dancing their asses off! Thanks man! =D