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star one, me one, star two, you two


a playlist for a secret agent hacker meme lord

who is very very in love

(cover art by @whaoanon on twitter)

11 tracks
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@ectobiolotech 1. Did I Say That Out Loud by Barenaked Ladies / 2. Marry You by The Hit List / 3. Mario Kart Love Song by Sam Hart / 4. Plastic Stars by Freezepop / 5. Meteor Shower by Owl City / 6. Level Up by Vienna Tang / 7. Science and Faith by the Script / 8. Falling Faster by Andrew Ripp / 9. Die Alone by Ingrid Michaelson / 10. If I Tremble by Front Porch STep

Out of all the 707Xmc soundtracks i have listened to.. This is the best, and fits them very well. Good job ^^