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Thin line between heaven and here.

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I've got a biggg crush on Andre Royo. And this mix! Damn. Wish I started listening to your mixes sooner. :)

@katcosmonaut I just watched The Wire this year for the first time. Got so hooked, and Bubbles certainly is a great character. Just starting digging into your mixes as well, loved Bred in the Bone!

@Deathinteresse The Wire is such a great show! I got into it last year after I heard an interview with Royo on Marc Maron's podcast. He had this story about how Mark Wahlberg walked up to him at some event and was just like "hey man, you look great, I hope you can stay clean and keep your shit together cause you're doing a really good job"...or something like that. Anyway, whether that's a testament to how oblivious Marky Mark is (which it might be) or what a good actor Royo is I'm not sure but...I'm gonna go with the second. ;)

@Deathinteresse Also I'm so glad you liked the mix! You never know with avant-garde jazz whether people will be on board or not.