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Urban Druid

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I'm glad I stopped by too. I have been meaning to come back and listen to a few of yours. I am quite pleased I picked this one. I have another that keep catching my eye as well. :)

Cool. As a matter of fact I'm giving it another spin right now as well so thanks for the heads up. Hadn't followed you since a moment ago although I thought I already did. Check this if you can you might dig it, too:

Any mix of yours you would strongly recommend? I'll be happy to tune in.

Hehehe. Well, I'm really open to anything although it is already afternoon here. I could surely save it for tomorrows work morning.

Ya. I'm on 3rd shift temporarily. One more week then back to "normal" or something. Good mixes like this keep me company.

I tried a horseburger in Slovenia once, that was pretty tasty. But I prefer to know what I eat in advance and moreover I need to work on my flexitarianism. :P