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a mix for Paladin Danse.
because i love him that much.
i have no shame that there will probably be a lot more playlists i make based off of him.

this playlist is mostly centered around Danse, but i guess there's some implied DansexSurvivor in it so i'll just let that be open to interpretation.

10 tracks
1 comment on A SOLDIER'S EYES.

I romanced MacCready, really loved it, I romanced Hancock, I really loved it, but Danse? I hated him at first. Mostly on principle- I've not had that great of luck with the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. I mostly joined because I needed firepower to go against the Institute, and I only took him out to be my tank in battle. Well it just so happens when you spend time with Danse, you end up seeing there's so much more to him and I fell completely in love. I strted a new game just to romanc him only and to go a complete BOS route and I'm not regretting it at all. I've not romanced him yet, as I'm not that far into the game to get his personal quest, but the flirts have been ridiculously sweet and I just adore having him around. Figures, my usual type is MacCready but Danse, a BOS soldier for goodness sake, stole my heart! I love him so dang much.

@MavhenanLavellan oh, i know exactly what you mean. my ORIGINAL plan going into the home stretch of the game was to romance Hancock and i was going to try out MacCready as well, but i did side with the brotherhood, though i have strong opinions against them, i also have strong opinions against practically every other faction you can choose to side with, and BOS seemed the lesser of evils to me, though i tend to constantly go against what they believe in. i actually JUST NOW recently was able to completely romance Danse and he's the first and only one i romanced so far. his personal quest is so so SO good and i truly hope you get to it soon, best of luck with romancing that sweet little cinnamon roll and thank you for the comment!!