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Pick me, choose me.


Two boys, one girl. It's an unsolvable equation unless you choose. Your heart belongs to both but they can't settle for that. "Choose me, pick me. Because i know you feel it to. I know you know what our love can do." Niall's eyes are rimmed with tears and you cry. "Listen, he could offer you the world, i get that okay? I know i don't have as much to offer you but I fucking love you. I want only you, I need you." Ashton presses his forehead against yours. Choose one. Now.

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the description thing is freaking sad like i'm legit a niall girl & an ashton girl and i'm just like "its 4 am here & i just read this thing and i'm sad i only wanted to listen to a sleepy mix bUt noOoOoO jesus wanted to mess up with my feelings by showing me this" but anws the description is really sad like y do u have to make me choose i juST BUT TBH I'D CHOOSE ASHTON SORRY FOR THIS LONG COMMENT JDJANZNZJA HAAHAHHA ILY BYE