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put ur glanz in da air like u juz don care


1000000000000000000000000 mony in da bank 100000000000000000000000000000 mony in da pillow 100000000 mony in my poket #loadeddd #verifyvenuz

(Y.V. is the best triangle, so here's a playlist for our new lord but probably not savior tbh. will probably add more later)

  • Lifez A Bitch by Kottonmouth
  • Turn Down For What(MLG Airhorn Remix) by Cyranek
    tbh you can expect a lot more of this on here
  • T.H.E (The Hardest Ever) [Download Link] by Will.I.Am Feat. Mick Jagger & Jennifer Lopez
  • Fatty Boom Boom by Die Antwoord
  • Sandstorm (MLG PRO REMIX) by Dolphanatic
  • Pitbull Terrier by Die Antwoord - Fr
  • Gun Locker Theme Extended+Mansion Theme Sync by Kozilek
  • Bada Bing by Danger Doom
8 tracks
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