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1. Song: Just Like You Imagined - Trailer(s) it was used for: "300"
2. Take A Bow - "Watchmen"
3. Requiem for a Tower - "Lord of the Rings 2", Danny Boyle's "Sunshine" and a bunch of others
4. Atom Bomb - One of the "Bourne" movies, I'm pretty sure the 3rd one
5. When the Levee Breaks - "Sucker Punch"
6. 'Till I Collapse - "Modern Warfare 2" and other stuff, I'm sure
7. Mein Herz Brennt - "Hellboy 2" and at least a couple other things
8. Get Back - "Smokin' Aces"
9. I'm Not Driving Anymore - "Matrix: Reloaded" (but they used an instrumental version)
10. The Day The World Went Away - "Terminator: Salvation"
11. Sunshine - "Amelia", "Wolverine", "The Adjustment Bureau" and one or two TV promos
12. Won't Back Down - "Mission Impossible 4" (the trailer for which only came out a week or two ago)