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Calm yourself


tracks that make me feel a bit more relaxed, safe and happy. Mostly anime soundtracks I think. Almost all are music box covers of soundtracks.

  • 少し不思議な物語の開幕 by MarianAvila9
  • Meltdown (鏡音リン Kagamine Rin) by MUSIC BOX
  • Ano Natsu He [Music Box Version] by Spirited Away
  • Bad Apple by Music Box Version
  • My Neighbor Totoro Music box by gonmat91
  • Attack On Titan Opening by Music Box Version
  • 11 - Servant Of Evil (Music Box) by ButtonsZeMutantPanda
  • Totoro Path Of The Wind Music Box Version (360p) by Kira Valkyrie
  • Ponyo by Heather Scott & Lan Sin Lim
9 tracks
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