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Equestrian vintage circus mix

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Bowls of Eton mess or treacle pudding on the verdant grass of the village green. Horses whinnying to each other in the dewy morning sun. A bright mellow beginning to the day, but a hint of excitement resonates though the air. The show will soon begin.

  • Rod Thomas/Andrew Willingale (The Romantics Unofficial Soundtrack) by Funbags-Giggle Stick Track
  • Pirates by Caravan Palace
  • 01 - LUCKY ELEPHANT by Sunday Best
  • Swing dance extract by SarahLlewellynTonal
  • Tchakoff's Cossack Dance (V3) By Scott.T by Scott Tanner
  • Circus overture by SarahLlewellynTonal
  • The Circus Begins by Royalty Free Music Maker
  • Back It Up by Caro Emerald
  • Cissie - Redgwick - Gimme - That - Swing by smaiich
9 tracks
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