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Ravenclaw study playlist


For revising or studying, in the Ravenclaw common room, or elsewhere. I find it very difficult to learn without music for some reason. So anyway, here it it!
: )

Don't practice until you get it right, practice until you can't get it wrong.

No swearing or rude lyrics should be in any of these songs but if somehow I haven't noticed please could somebody notify me and I will have the song removed. Thank-you!

If anybody could give me the picture credit I'd be much obliged, it's lovely!

17 tracks
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THIS IS THE BEST. I always use this to write essays, it helps me focus and gets me in a great mood. Thank you for making this.

It's like you explored deep into the farthest spaces of my mind and pulled out every single instrumental piece I love. Honestly, it's unnervingly good how well you picked and just how like-minded we are!