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i'm sorry, ur girl loves u vry much still EP


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i love you and i'm sorry i hurt you sometimes
i'm not tired of you okay and if you're happy with what you're doing then i'm happy
i love you and i love you and i love you
and i love you again and again
and if you go to sleep i still love you
and when you wake up i still love you

honestly these are just light songs for when you're bored or gloomy

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i miss you. you probably think i don't care and don't feel anything after we broke up when actually, i feel it all. i just don't want to show you. i miss your good morning and good night texts, i miss your smile in your selfies, i miss you telling me about your day even if it wasn't so great, i miss your presence. it meant a lot to me to have you by my side and always being there. i still love you, really. but i'm sure i don't show it enough otherwise you wouldn't doubt my love for you. i still can't believe it's already time to let you go, a part of me feels like i don't want you to leave just yet but then i know that this time would come in the future so i guess it's better to go through with it now than feel more pain later on, right? my heart aches right now, seriously. i think about our memories and all the efforts you made and it makes me miss you a lot. i'm sorry i'm not enough for you to always be there and always talk to you. i'll still be looking out for you and seeing how you are doing from afar, i still do that to the ones who left me or i've left them bc as i said before, i still love those who made an impact in my life. i still and always will love you. i hate breakups. i hate it. i wish it wasn't like this yet but i know if we go back together, you wouldn't be as genuinely happy anymore or you'd be afraid to trust my words/love me whole heartedly like the first few months. please find someone better when you do and always give your heart a chance to love someone new.