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80's 80's 80's - MY FAVOURITES


The 80's were great for music and me personally and tracks from those years reflect that. There are 200 to choose from.There is however, ONE track that is NOT 80's but is a favourite so what the hell? Post a comment if you spot it and a like if you would. Enjoy them and go retro back to the New Romantics and more. You wont hear Eurythmics, Communards, or Bros ! Only the best from Rick Astley, Crowded House, Go West, FYC, and many more in this mix. More added. Have fun.

215 tracks
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Onze heures 32 pour les années 80, seulement ?.. En fait, les choix sont excellents, et ces onze heures 32 suffisent à saisir l'esprit des années 80. A great selection. Super !!!!