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Late Night Thoughts

6 comments on Late Night Thoughts

this track is beginjng to morph into the top sex track of the 21 century, i just started listening and already have gotten 23.5 bitches to fuck me to this!!! Youre a sex genius when it comes to finding music to get it in!

i shared this track with my beloved grandmother and she agreed with me by stating that this can "make her cat meow" not sure what that means, but whatever makes her happy makes me happy

The more I listen to this chanell the more difficult of a time i have keeping my mind off of being somewhere in a big bed surrounded by bitches being balls deep in one of the hottest 11 ways of the century! Your station is amazing, i also agree with the comment about the frisbee with a beautiful sky above but i much rather be balls deep than throwing a childish disk

This mix is great to make slow sensual love too, its not too fast nor too slow, its perfect for that hot passionate type of live making that i love so very much! Thank you for giving a new meaning to my love life!

Really love this track! very soothing, its perfect for when me and my pals are tossing the frisbee around with a beautful sky above us #powertothesunflowerchildren