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Dollhouse Soundtrack

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Thank you for this! I love Dollhouse, I honestly think it may be one of the best things Joss has ever done. I was surprised at how immediately I recognized the scenes these were from - a few notes and BAM emotional reaction. But I think people often underappreciate how awesome the soundtracks on Whedon shows are -- I still love the Buffy soundtrack.

You're welcome! :D It's funny bc I think JW didn't want the music selection of Dollhouse to overwhelm the actual storyline.

Love this mix! Have been watching dollhouse recently, and some of the songs caught my attention - it has a great playlist... i didn't actually think there would be a dollhouse soundtrack on here. Thanks : D

You're welcome! There's a couple other Dollhouse mixes on 8tracks here. Just do a search. I don't like all of their songs, so I put the ones I did like here. Enjoy. :)