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DeLuca's Weekly Catch #01 Light Sleep


First edition of what is going to be the weekly catch from the Royal Groove studio. An easy mix from stuff I've been playing a lot. The first edition has tracks by Bibio, Calibro 35 and Eddie Russ. Enjoy.

8 tracks
4 comments on DeLuca's Weekly Catch #01 Light Sleep

Strange situation — this one of not allowing listeners to listen twice to the same podcast...I thought the object of the exercise was to get people to buy the records not forget them...!!

True, it's strange. Unfortunately due to copyright restrictions this is what 8tracks does. It plays tracks in another order once when you repeat the playlist. Nevertheless, I hope you keep listening ;)

Finally decided to start from the beginning of your mixes. I am so stoked to have found you! I have liked everything so far! Keep up the