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A Lonely Feeling…


Somber songs from video games. Similar to my previous playlist, "A Mysterious Feeling" (basically an excuse to use songs I couldn't fit into it lol). The games featured in this playlist are:

* American McGee's Alice & Alice: Madness Returns
* Animal Crossing: New Leaf
* The Binding of Isaac
* Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
* Haunting Ground
* Ib
* Irisu Syndrome
* Persona 3 & 4
* Resident Evil 4
* Rule of Rose
* Silent Hill 2 & 4
* Undertale
* The Witch's House

Cover image is from Clock Tower. (Special thanks to SmithyGCN from The Spriters Resource for ripping the background.)

20 tracks
1 comment on A Lonely Feeling…

i looooove your playlists! i really like the RPG-ish feel you give to the titles and the covers are great. this is one of my favs, you had me at the first track! looking forward to any other playlist you might make.