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everything you want within these four walls

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they form two parts of a whole, assembling to become the terrible rule of pandora. she sees, observes, suggests; he moves, he acts, he cocks the gun and shoots the opposition with a smile.
on the cusp of godhood, she changes her mind. she sets him up for the fall because she knows all his weak points, she knows where to strike and where the pain is. when she dies, she says, "you're an asshole", but she never says she hated him (nor did she, not fully, not completely).

  • Doldrums by Atlas Sound
  • Karma Police by Radiohead
  • Golden Skans by Klaxons
  • All the Right Things by Son Lux
  • Liturgy of Light by Anna von Hausswolff
  • Iamamiwhoami by iamamiwhoami
  • 04 You and I (Feat. Caroline Polachek) by user7040275
  • Hanging On by Active Child
8 tracks
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