Denny Sloan
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15 songs i used to listen everyday when you used to be around... Now i barely can because i crumble when i do. I miss you, i cry almost everyday thinking of you. If id only have one more opportunity..
At least i would like to know if you're ok, i dont know, know something about you.
"Now im weaker than the palest blue, so weak in this need for you.."
"I dont understand anymore, you dont love me anymore........ why cant i let you go?"
Please show up :( Please come back.

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I would love starting all over again and making this works. But it scares me as hell 'cause every time we decided to continue talking, something happens and we get involved in the same situation over and over again. Despite everything, i still love you and i miss you everyday. I can't get you off of my mind and believe me, i tried it more than once although didn't want to.
What about me... Sometimes i'm ok but most of the time i'm sad, i don't know. i would like to know if you're ok or i don't know, something.