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Zeuhl (and its offshoots)


This is a playlist I've had sitting around on my hard drive for a while. I use it to introduce people to the wider ranges of Zeuhl, which is a sub genre of Prog Rock created by the French band Magma in the 1970's, and the various other sub genres it spawned (such as chamber rock).

There's no Magma on this playlist, as the point is to introduce people to the non-Magma stuff, but I'll no doubt make a Magma playlist at some point.

21 tracks
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I'm going to a Magma concert tomorrow night in Rennes, France... so I was browsing around for possible new Zeuhl material, and encountered your play list. Really excellent mix, tahnk you. Nothing new, until UTO, an Italian band which I didn't know anything about. It seems that their homepage hasn't changed sinced 2009. Are they still running?
Also discovered a French band called "Vox Nostra", Zeuhl sung in Latin, really worth listening.
Looking forward to the rest of your mix. Thanks again.