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Epic Bliss


Nothing can defeat us, not even the end. Tracks that have the epic feel of the whole world around you falling away to it's end, but somehow you feel stronger than ever.

9 tracks
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Yeah, you should check out the yellow box to the right. 'Time' just build in emotional gravity. I always thought the most serene on the Inception soundtrack though was 'Old Souls'

okay, and then time. seriously can this get any better? this song i went to sleep to for nearly two months straight.

Thanks, @nogilman - My personal favs. are my last 3 mixes. This one is strong when Zimmer rears in. 'Dream is Collapsing' is an amazing piece. So much it's my ringtone. Glad you like. Check out the other mixes, especially 'Celluloid in Celestia' if you have the time.

the first song, i had eyeballed from the first time i saw the trailer, so i was very happy when i found your playlist...and then, after passing through a couple of decent but not amazing songs further in your playlist, i was thrilled when dream is collapsing came on the ticker. this song has in the past and will continue to help me to escape, by letting go, and descending into freefall. thanks for all the new music.