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Kuya means respected older/big brother in our native tongue. My older brother isn't just that he's one my best friends and one of my greatest role models.

KUYA is the closest to what I listen to on a regular basis but with some extra consideration in choosing either songs that have a fitted place/setting/situation or songs/artists that have interesting stories or facets to them. This extra info about some songs and artists will pop up in the comments of KUYA.

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Added: M83 Midnight City (cause I can)
Added: CHVRCHES' Gun
The lead singer, Lauren Mayberry, can't just play synths and drums. She also has a law degree and a masters in journalism. She's also cute as a buttton!

Added: Ed Sheeran's The A Team
The official video for this song stars Rupert Grint who played Ron in the Harry Potter movies. People have mistaken Ed for Rupert and they troll the world with this cool yet creepy video.

Added: Kimbra's Settle Down
You probably know her from that ridiculously popular Gotye song but she has a voice that's kind of creepy and captivating. Dan and I agree, especially after seeing her videos, that she's like a darker version of Flo + The Machine. Side note: the way she sings coupled with the way she dances is mesmerizing.

Added: We Are The City's Happy New Year
In the video for Happy New Year, the band members wear decorative head covers in reference to their days playing as an purely anonymous band, High School - the name of their new album, in Kelowna, British Columbia.

Added: M83's Midnight City
M83, named after the spiral galaxy, borrows from the shoegaze genre with heavy use of reverb (persistent sound), tonality (key relaxation and tension), and soft-singing over loud instruments.

Discovery is comprised of members from two equally awesome and far more familiar indie bands: the vocalist from Ra Ra Riot and the keyboardist of Vampire Weekend. Who sound nothing alike...

Darwin Deez is close friends to the members of MGMT having gone to school with them. Some people consider him to be the missing member.