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Relax, study, unwind.


A long mix filled with indie tracks to help you study, do housework or just relax and hangout.

Mainly indie tracks but there are a few sing along tracks for a burst of motivation.

Featuring music from Bastille, Passenger, Jack Johnson plus many more.

(There are a few guilty pleasures in there shhh)

53 tracks
6 comments on Relax, study, unwind.

Really sorry you feel that way! It helps me but then again everyone is different. I hope you find a good study mix soon! :)

I apologize for how harsh my comment looks like. I was having a writer's block and was really looking for inspiration. I did find one, thank you for your concern.

It's really fine, I want people's honest opinions so I don't mind. I know how hard writer's block can be so I'm happy you found one :) Thanks for all your comments!