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This Is Not An Exit


...and before I can stop it I find myself almost dazzled and moved that I might have the capacity to accept, though not return, her love. I wonder if even now, right here in Nowheres, she can see the darkening clouds behind my eyes lifting And though the coldness I have always felt leaves me, the numbness doesn't and probably never will.

Twelve tracks including music by dot(.), Harvey Milk and Buzzov*en.

12 tracks
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I got to get me a manly hat where can I pick one up on the cheap? I do like to dance in a tutu also!!

Jezebel Acid Bath<< this songs seems nice they keep saying its ok its ok" but the story of Jezebel makes me think they are being sarcastic or truely endearing and telling her that it will be OK which is sweet/

haha, the "Friend" artwork is more akin to the title's reference (an American Psycho reference, ie: 'my mask of sanity is about to slip') with a theme of hidden feelings, masked in a cloud of noise and droning anger. This is music that makes me put on my manly hat and do a dance. Their anger isn't directed at you poor btrxz, but at the dissonance of their own lives or lives to follow. Ahhhh to be young and growly