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Vij-ya Games


This mix has 66 tracks of video game music from over 30 different games. There's modern songs, old school 8-bit and 16-bit themes, and a few fan made "re-imagined" songs.

This mix started out as being mainly old school stuff, but recently I've been adding more music I like from games I've played over the past year. So the mix is starting to have a smaller divide between new and old.

I will try to add more when I can. Suggestions are welcome.

67 tracks
7 comments on Vij-ya Games

I listen to this mix regularly at work. I'm very happy with the new songs you added. I'm a huge fan of Persona! You already have some of them, but I would recommend some more from Anamanaguchi/Scott Pilgrim, if you feel like it!

Good job and thanks for making my job even more enjoyable! ^^