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Red Paladin - I'm Made of Fire


Where are you? I will turn off, shut down. Get along just fine. I hope I'm not my only friend. Faces around me, no smiles, they crack. There was truth, there was consequence. No need for direction, but I'll show you what is cold. Not the hero, but the brave. Trouble sleeping with both eyes closed. With you I feel it, invincible, so don't fight me now, you might need me later. It's coming down. Help, I've done it again. Hold me like the roar of victory in a stadium. Learning all I know now. The night is coming to an end with the full force of a dying star, till I've had more than I can take. Feeling scared to breathe, what comes up must come down. Wake me up, I'm scared it's easy to beat me. If I break rank, what am I waiting for? No denying I am scared, but I'm still here.

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