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Hollow Point Underground Radio


>>> begin transmission <<< Welcome to the radio that plays the tuniest tunes, the balladest ballads, and most of all… information on how to take down slimy ‘ol Hyperion. Join our rebellion! Dial in every Thursday at 1am for your jiving songs and your propaganda! >>> end transmission <<<
Created with a lot of help from Liz! -

26 tracks
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Mate, this playlist is gold. You really nailed the atmosphere of the game. And the commercials idea is genius, and I must praise the cover and the name - very catchy. You know "I'M GONNA RIDE MY SHINY MEAT BICYCLE TO IT!"

This is really a fantastic playlist and I absolutely love all the choices you made. I also really like the cover art and the commercials! If you don't mind, I would love to know more about how you created this idea and made the art.

@monochrome5599 omg! Thank you so much! I mean this whole playlist is a fanmix for the video game 'Tales from the Borderlands', so the name comes from in game. There is poster hanging up somewhere and I was playing it with a friend and we were both like "that would be a cool radio station". I really like the aesthetic? of kooky, strange radio shows, with some sort of ulterior motive (in this case, propaganda against the big company ~ which i'm not 100% I got that across lol). The commercials and intro were made with the help of Liz who i linked in the description :). I just wanted it to feel like a semi-real radio station! So idk that's just like.. the idea behind the actual creation of this (I really want to create my own radio show in the same vein!). The artwork is just a screenshot of a scene in game, which I edited and added the radio tower, the text with the nice font and airwaves/lightening bolts. Nothing really to it.... But thank you for listening and liking!!