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artificial light


when something doesn't quite feel right.

for nighthawks, chinese takeout, & new york movies. a playlist for the lonely urban scenes and subjects in edward hopper's paintings.

goes well with a subway ride. gets happier as you approach the light at the end of the tunnel.


8 tracks
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This playlist didn't have quite as much of an uneasy tone as I thought it would based on the description saying "when something doesn't quite feel right," but that's not to say it's not a good mix, I just came in with the wrong perceptions. Regardless, I liked this mix a lot! Edward Hopper is one of my favorite artists and the feeling that I got from this mix did, in my opinion, reflect the sort of, observatory yet fleeting nature (does that even make sense) of his work. Well job!

@bluestrike omg tysm for taking the time to listen to this and write this beautiful commentary! im so sorry im replying terribly late but this critique totally makes sense :) ~~~ (also i love love love how well ur playlists reflect certain moods/time periods)

@DeuxExMachina Don't worry about it, and thanks so much for saying that about my mixes, I really put a lot (probably overthinking it tbh) of effort into them. (Also I just noticed I said 'well job' in the first comment when I meant to say 'good job', sorry.)