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everything falls (fades au playlist)


mix for a (still unfinished) fic that's based /very/ loosely off the bbc show the fades.

fades are the dead that do not ascend for whatever reason; regain human form and some semblance of life after consuming living human flesh/blood; like some weird ghost/ghoul hybrid

angelics are psychics who can see the fades; have healing powers; can fight the fades as they become stronger/alive again; have a very strict moral code, though there are very few of them left alive

(photos from the bangtan twitter, i think?)

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@ratherbend ahh, thank you so much! i unfortunately won't get a chance to finish this fic for a while, but i really appreciate your interest ;--; <3

@deuxoiseaux oh well, then the mix will do, btw i adore you, you are my yoonseok queen, thanks to you'. pd: i might later on give u a lil present bc i am in love w your other stories <33

@ratherbend i'll try to get it finished and posted for october! it's a halloween-ish kind of story anyway, i think it would make more sense then. oh gosh!! i'm blushing!! ;; thank you so much, you're very sweet. oh you don't have to give me anything!! ahh, just knowing you read and enjoy my work is enough for me, oh gosh!! thank you though oh dear i don't even know what to do or say

@deuxoiseaux sorry didnt answer earlier, but oh well you are welcome, i could go on a on on why i like your work so much ;A; i didnt know you were this kind too, i should have just commented earier, <333

@ratherbend gosh, thank you! it really, really means so much to me that you read my silly stories and enjoy them. (that's why i write them! for other people to enjoy!) i'm just so ;---; ahh, you're very sweet, thank you. m just a shy little bird

@ratherbend ....there was more to this comment. of the 'please talk to me whenever if you feel like it, i'm just a shy little bird' kind. welp this is awkward. HELLO I AM NICE \o/