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extrasensory (push au playlist)


(based very loosely off the film 'push') some people are born with a psychic ability; there are many different types of psychics. division is a branch within the government tasked with monitoring these psychics and bringing the strongest in to… enhance their abilities. (fic taken down bc i have no idea where i was going w it and felt bad lmao.... i might return to it someday)

image credit from their comeback photos!

hoseok: telekinetics, "mover" (his songs are unrelated to his ability, unfortunately! if you know of any songs that are even sorta related to telekinesis PLEASE LMK)
yoongi: teleportation, "porter"
taehyung: illusions, "shifter"
namjoon: precognition, "watcher"
seokjin: healing, "stitch"
jungkook: telepathy, "pusher"
jimin: psychometry, "sniff"

15 tracks
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