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feathers (suoh/munakata, k project)

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isn't it wonderful? (i admit it was a toss up between this song and their cover of nick cave's stranger than kindness! i might use that cover on a ~sex mix~ if i ever get less lazy about it lmao)

THE ATMOSPHERE in this mix is p e r f e c t you have such a talent for creating an aura with each of your mixes i'm actually in awe @-@

(oh my goodness, darling, hello! how have you been? i missed you!)

ahhh, you're too sweet omg. part of why this mix took so long to put together was that i wanted to make the ~mood~ kinda downbeat and suit (my head canon for) munakata (since we haven't really gotten much about him yet - hopefully that'll change with days of blue!) while still following the anime plot as closely as i could, so it took a while for everything to come together, lmao

ANYWAY thank you, you're such a darling :')