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pause (kuroh/neko/shiro, k project)


this is basically my headcanon following kuroh and neko's journey post-S1 to find shiro again.

kuroh pov kuroh/shiro and kuroh/neko with a bit of kuroh/neko/shiro thrown in in the end.

15 tracks
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i've been listening to this playlist while writing a really frustrating paper, so thank you for making this! it's so soothing and lovely. :)

and i also want to mention that your annotations make me want to cry.. how dare you bring back all my k project feels, haha!

stares at u wide-eyed slowly clutches all this piano 2 my chest and backs out of the room (babies i whimper delicately as i go) (inside a boy oh my god are you fucking joking sjhdfds) beautiful

AND STARS TOO ok like 8 hours later and i can't get over "your boy is like a memory, some sense of touch and a melody / your girl she's a renegade, a hurricane that keeps u there, safe" stars more like in my eyes (kisses back)