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Echoes from Westeros


“I know why my princess wears a veil”, Ser Arys said as she was fastening it to the temples of her copper helm. “Elsewise her beauty would outshine the sun above.”

{ Dedicated to Mandy and Nuur}

  • The Rains Of Castamere by Paola Bennet
  • style (House Stark Theme) by Game of Thrones Western
  • Game of Thrones (Main Theme) by Boyce Avenue
  • Winter is Coming by ChristianNellemose
  • Sansa's Hymn by Karliene
  • Targaryen Theme Song (Music by Pelhate Matthieu) by Game Of Thrones
  • Soundtrack House Baratheon by Roll20Chris
  • A Lannister Always Pay His Debts by Game Of Thrones
  • Game Of Thrones - Main Title by Ramin Djawadi
9 tracks